We are Emily and Pete Dorman, owners of No Excuses Sportswear. In 2021, we started the third women's varsity wrestling program in New York State with five girls from our home school. Since then, our team has grown to 24 girls from three schools. We have sent 12 female athletes to the State Championships over the past two years, and have seen the sport grow across New York State, finally being sanctioned as a varsity sport. Pete has been involved with wrestling for over 40 years, and coached for over 20. Emily is a high school English teacher who saw an opportunity to offer female students empowerment and inclusion. 

As we have watched the sport grow, we have seen the need for quality sportswear that allows female athletes to compete at a high level AND feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Our custom gear and our patented women's singlet is unique, adaptable and bold---exactly like the athletes who wear it. 


    Our daughter, Gabriella, for whom our singlet is named, joined the team soon after we started it in 2021. Wrestling has changed her life, as it has changed those of nearly every female athlete we meet and talk to. Wrestling gives young women a rare opportunity to appreciate their bodies for what it can do and be, rather than its flaws and shortcomings. Wrestling gives young women a place to grow and belong, and it fosters relationships well beyond the mat. Our company seeks to give these amazing athletes apparel and uniforms that speak to who they ARE and who they WANT to be.